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kigmob 08-07-2012 07:32 PM

kigmob's TRD Supercharged 97 Black Toyota Tacoma Ext. Cab 4x4 V6 Build
My Taco as of May 2014.


1997 Toyota Tacoma DLX
5VZ-FE 4WD 5 spd.
Black Extended Cab

1st Gen Grey TRD Supercharger
URD 7th Injector Kit
URD 2.2" Pulley
URD 170* Thermostat
URD Short Throw Shifter
TRD Dynamic Tensioner
TRD Boost Gauge
TRD Radiator Cap
Denso IK22 Spark Plugs
Airaid M.I.T.
PLX Wideband
ScanGauge II
AFE Dry Pro Air Filter
Deckplate Mod
Magnaflow 18" Muffler
Brembo Blank Brake Rotors
Hawk LTS Brake Pads

33x12.50r15 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs
15x8 Pro Comp 7069's
Full Size Matching Spare

Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2.5" Extended Travel Coilovers
Total Chaos Uniball Upper Control Arms
Icon Vehicle Dynamics 3 Leaf Progressive AAL
Icon VS 2.0" Series Monotube Rear Shocks
Energy Suspension Steering Rack Bushings
B.A.M.F. 3.5" BPV Bracket

Demello Front Tube Bumper
RAT Products Rear Plate Bumper
RAT Products 3/16" Front Skid Plate w/ Rack Coverage

Dee Zee Black Tool Box
98-00 Fender Flares Painted Black
5" Rugged Ridge HID Offroad Lights
Pilot H4 Sealed Beam Conversion Headlights
SilverStar ULTRA H4 Bulbs
Eagle Eyes Corner Lights
Super Bright LED's Amber LED Corner Bulbs
Blinkers Relocated To Corner Lens
Cree LED Reverse Lights
Custom LED Strip For License Plate Light
5% Tint All Around With Windshield Strip

Wet Okle Seat Covers
Husky Floor Liners
Round Eyes LED Dome Light
Black Leather Steering Wheel Cover
Pioneer Head Unit
Kicker Comp 10" Loaded Enclosure
Kicker DSC65 6.5" High Performance Factory Replacement Speakers

When I first got it.

So much has changed, and here's the story...

I first got my truck from my dad when I was 14. It sat for a while since I could not drive it. It had a 3" Tuff Country lift (blocks and spacers) and a brush guard on the front. I turned 16, got my license, and found TTORA. The research then began...

My first move was to ditch the spacers and go with some adjustable Bilstein 5100's instead. Set them to 2.5". I also removed the brush guard. I blew a ton of money on some Westin step bars because I thought the looked cool. What a waste of money.

Rear setup. Still had blocks and Tuff Country shocks. This is when I began saving for Alcans and rear 5100's.

Next, I ditched the step bars and got some 32x11.50 BFG AT's with Pro Comp 1069 wheels to replace my worn out 32x12.50 Mickey Thompson Baja Belted tires and Centerline Hellcat wheels. They looked much better.

Didn't do too much more for a while. Decided I wanted some fender flares though so my buddy Alex (user name AlexXx) hooked me up with his old ones off his 99 Tacoma.

SO I got into a little accident and dinged up my front bumper. I really wanted an aftermarket plate bumper but couldn't afford one. I decided to get a black replacement bumper instead to get rid of some chrome. I also blacked out my corner lights and grill emblem.

Old bumper:

New bumper:

NOW the fun began. I still planned on running Alcans and 5100's in the rear. I saw on the local forum (LATTORA) that a member was going to be doing a SAS on his 96 Tacoma (user name goofballtech). He already had 3" Alcans and 5100's in the rear but was planning on getting new Alcans all the way around for the SAS. So I contacted him and he gave me a great deal on the Alcans and 5100's. Looks like all the good shit isn't in Cali after all :D.

Old rear setup:

New goodies! :D

All cleaned up.


I drove around for a bit with the 5100's up front and the Alcans with rear 5100's out back. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The truck handled much better and no longer had any bad axle wrap. The back was about 1.5" higher than before when I had the blocks. I also noticed that the rear suspension was much more stable than the front. I knew the best way to balance out my suspension was to either get new coils for the 5100's or just go all out and get fully adjustable coilovers. I decided to save up and do it right the first time. Meanwhile, I got a a great deal from a friend of mine on a black toolbox.

It was time for a good tune up. I recently had my timing belt, water pump, and front seals changed at the dealership. So I did the usual Royal Purple oil change except this time with a genuine Toyota oil filter. I also switched from NGK spark plugs to Denso. I got an AFE Dry Pro air filter to swap in also. Oh, and a can of Seafoam with every oil change keeps the doctor away. :)

MY DREAM FINALLY CAME TRUE! :D I finally saved up enough to afford some coilovers. I saw Demello Offroad had a pair of open boxed Icon extended travel coilovers for sale at a discount price. I got these and installed them the day they came in!

New next to the old:


My plans now are to get some TC UCA's and replace my lower balljoints. I also have some polyurethane rack bushings waiting to get installed. Once I get the TC UCA's, I'll crank the Icons a little more to level out my truck. The Icons put my truck at the exact same height that the 5100's did. Well, that's it for now! :)

Well I haven't really been doing much to my truck other than regular maintenance. I have been real busy with college and haven't had the time or space to really work on my truck. I came home for christmas break and got a nice surprise from santa!

Wet Okle Seat Covers!



The install wasn't too bad. Taking the seats out made it much easier. I got them in the taupe 100 color. It matches my oak/tan interior almost perfectly.

Next on the list is a clutch, ball joints, and steering rack bushings. The clutch is the original clutch and has 108,000 miles on it. I have also been experiencing clutch chatter. Figured it's about time for a new one. The bushings and ball joints have been sitting in the box for a few months now. Just need to get some time to install them.

Not much has been going on with my truck. Since I've had some free time this summer, I decided to knock out a few small things.
Here are a few updates:

1. The brake pedal started to feel funny and stick. While inspecting the brakes, I noticed I had a bad rear wheel cylinder. I decided to replace both wheel cylinders with genuine toyota wheel cylinders. It was a piece of cake. However, the problem is still there. Next will be a booster/master cylinder.

All clean and shiny!

2. I have been having polyurethane steering rack bushings sitting around for about a year now. Finally decided to tackle the job. It wasn't too hard until it came to getting the rack back into the correct position to mount. The middle crossmember mount is a HUGE PITA. The new bushings would not fit back into the mounting slot. After about an hour of fighting with it, it went back in. My steering doesnt even feel any different! :mad:

Old bushings.

3. I did some regular maintenance. Oil change and tire rotation. While the tires were off, I took the opportunity to clean up my coilovers and install these cool red bump stops I've been having. :D

While changing the oil, I decided to wipe down the engine bay a bit.

That's all for now! Next update should be when I change all my balljoints and adjust my coilovers for .5" more lift.

FINALLY got around to doing all 4 balljoints and adjusting my coilovers to try and level out my truck. They have been at the factory setting (2") for over a year now.

Not many pics of the install, but got some shots of the new balljoints installed and my coilovers adjusted!



After reading numerous write-ups on balljoint installs, I was convinced all I would need was a pitman arm puller and a 3 jaw puller. The pitman arm puller worked great for the tie rods and lower balljoints, but the 3 jaw puller was too much of a pain to use on my upper balljoints. I ended up renting a Balljoint Service Kit and 4WD Balljoint Adapter Set from O'Reilly. These kits worked GREAT! I also had to get a quick fix driver side outer tie rod from Autozone since I destroyed the threads on my old one and could not reuse it. I normally ALWAYS use genuine Toyota parts, but in the near future I plan in replacing all my tie rods with Toyota parts.

Another note: I cranked my driver side coilover 7 complete turns and my passenger side a tiny bit less than 6 complete turns. This resulted in about 1" more of lift right off the jacks and NO TACO LEAN! However, I'm sure they will settle to about .75". This would result in a total of 2.75" of lift which is perfect. My upper balljoint and CV angles are a bit steep, but I'm expecting the truck to settle a bit. Also I have manual hubs and don't really flex out my suspension too often on this flat Louisiana land :D. I have limit straps which will be installed soon to prevent my brand new upper balljoints from over extending since my Icons are extended travel. I will post pics when I get the straps mounted.

Need an alignment!

Here's a few pics of how the truck sits now. Also, I painted the entire front grill and corner light trim black! Now the only chrome I am down to is my rear bumper and door handles. This will change soon though!



That's all for now! Next jobs are my brake booster (mentioned in previous post) and new rotors/pads (steering wheel shakes like crazy when braking). And as mentioned earlier, limit straps.

losers101 08-08-2012 02:22 AM

Pretty sweet truck man!!!!

71burton 08-08-2012 04:43 PM

Looks good. I really like it.

kigmob 08-08-2012 06:40 PM

Thanks guys!

Tlook 08-11-2012 05:44 PM

looks great are those seat covers look sick where'd you get them i'd like to pick up a set. i like the red trd on the bumper makes the red bump stops pop.

VirginiaBound 08-12-2012 06:35 AM

Great looking truck! So clean with the chrome gone! :drool:

I have a 99 and swapped for the 97 front end. Best looking model IMO.

Tlook 08-12-2012 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by VirginiaBound (Post 5526000)
Great looking truck! So clean with the chrome gone! :drool:

I have a 99 and swapped for the 97 front end. Best looking model IMO.

how hard was the swap?

austinramsay 08-12-2012 07:40 PM

Dude the bumper looks way better!! Did you take it off to paint or no? Howd you prep it?

kigmob 08-13-2012 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by Tlook (Post 5524285)
looks great are those seat covers look sick where'd you get them i'd like to pick up a set. i like the red trd on the bumper makes the red bump stops pop.

Thanks! They are Wet Okle seat covers in the taupe 100 color. Best looking seat covers for Tacomas and fit like a glove.

kigmob 08-13-2012 05:52 AM


Originally Posted by VirginiaBound (Post 5526000)
Great looking truck! So clean with the chrome gone! :drool:

I have a 99 and swapped for the 97 front end. Best looking model IMO.

Thanks man I hated the chrome! I do like the 95-97 4WD front ends also. Very rugged look IMO.


Originally Posted by austinramsay (Post 5529006)
Dude the bumper looks way better!! Did you take it off to paint or no? Howd you prep it?

Thanks! I did take it off to paint it. After I dinged up the chrome bumper, I bought a black one off of eBay that faded quickly. It needed to be painted again so I bought some Dupli-Color Trim Paint (same paint used for my grill and fender flares), scuffed it up with some sand paper, and put a few coats on it. Came out great!

Day Cowboy 08-13-2012 06:03 AM

Nice ride and great write up! Picking up a 96 model in 2 weeks. That will give me a 1st Generation and a 2nd Generation. Look forward to modding both vehicles.

SeattleCoug 03-28-2013 10:50 AM

Awesome write up, I've got a black 99' same style - though always liked the front end look of your truck!

VirginiaBound 03-28-2013 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by Tlook (Post 5527821)
how hard was the swap?

If you can drill new holes and know how to use zip ties, piece O' cake! :D

MapleMoose 03-28-2013 01:27 PM

Sweet truck man!!!

kigmob 06-11-2013 07:57 PM

Picking up where my last post left off, I discovered my braking problem was my LSPV. I messed around with the spring that connects to the axle and adjusted it a bit. To my surprise, the brakes feel better. They are still not 100%, but that is something that can wait.

Besides regular maintenance, I had my clutch done at a local Toyota stealership about 3 weeks ago. It was pricey but well worth it IMO. The clutch feels AMAZING. I did not realize how worn out my original clutch was. The horrible chatter I had is now gone. After this, I decided I was not content with my 3" Alcan springs. They lift the rear too high (more like 3.5") and are more than what I need. I figured I could use the extra cash for something better. Check the "For Sale" section for my thread if you are interested in the springs. After some debating, I removed the springs and went back to stock springs in the rear with my 5100's. Its got quite a bro lean but I should be ordering my ICON 3 Leaf AAL soon to level things out. Here's some pics of the springs and bro lean :p


This summer I got an internship working at an Entergy Nuclear Power Plant. I am an intern for the Systems Engineering Department. Instead of using some of my first check to purchase the ICON AAL, I decided brakes were more important at the moment. As mentioned in my previous post, my steering wheel shakes like crazy when braking (warped rotors). I have had my stock rotors turned already so I decided brand new rotors and pads were the way to go! I found a great deal on Brembo OE replacement rotors and Hawk LTS pads from Amazon. I ordered these along with new Pilot sealed beam conversion headlights. I currently run these headlights with PIAA Intense White bulbs. I noticed the housings were beginning to yellow and decided to get a new pair (they were like 30$ from Amazon). Oh and I also ordered TC limit strap clevises and clevis mounts from ORW. I should now be able to set up my limit straps in the front. Pics of the goodies!




And finally, today I modified some Mag Lite mounts and mounted a small Pelican LED flashlight to the trim of my shift levers. :cool:


Thats all for now! Next update should be after the installation of my ICON 3 Leaf AAL!

kigmob 06-18-2013 08:05 PM

Got my Brembo Blanks and Hawk LTS pads installed! My stopping has improved and I no longer have a shimmy while braking. I also installed my new headlights. I decided to repaint my bumper and grill while I had everything apart.



Old vs New!
My first pair of these housings lasted about 5-6 years before showing any signs of yellowing. Pilot H4 Conversion Headlamps. I got the new pair from Amazon for about 30$. Can't beat that! I highly recommend these to anyone who has the 95-97 Tacoma 4WD sealed beam style headlamps.



All buttoned up!



Also got these 2nd Gen badges! Haven't decided where I'm going to put them yet! :rolleyes:

That's all for now! Next WILL BE my Icon 3 Leaf AAL install!

lucky73 06-20-2013 10:30 AM

killer truck

kigmob 06-20-2013 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by lucky73 (Post 7055349)
killer truck

Thanks man!

toastyjosh 06-20-2013 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by lucky73 (Post 7055349)
killer truck


BamaToy1997 06-20-2013 06:48 PM

AWESOME work so far. Good writeup as well. I have been planning on blacking out my grille and replacing my dented up chrome bumper for a while now. You got me itching to do it again! lol.

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