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Wild Card 08-10-2012 02:02 PM

Wildcard's Build
Well, I decided I would start my very own build thread.

As she currently (8-11-2012) stands:

Picked up the truck in February 2012, flew down to Omaha, Nebraska to get her. Drove it up on bald-ass BFG A/T's. Was hectic, drove up through 2 snowstorms and it was the middle of the night. Almost wrecked it half a dozen times due to drifting. The rear-tires were so bald, a small gust would break the rear-loose over the ice and snow.

It is a 2002 Tacoma, 4x4, TRD, SR5, Xtra Cab, V6, Manual Transmission and manual transfer case. Silver color. 90k miles on it. Frame and body in beautiful shape. Body has NO rust or blemishes. Frame had a TINY amount of surface rust on the rear-shock attachment points.

When I brought her home (Don't mind the dog trailer in the background):


Current Mods and status:
-Grey-wire mod
-DRL Disable
-Clutch-Pedal Linear-Spring Swap
-6" Deckplate Mod
-Trimmed Throttle-Body Gasket
-265/75R16 Falken Rocky Mountain Tires
-Soft Tonneau Cover
-Aluminum Quarter Window Latch Repair
-Class III Hidden Hitch

Future Mods:
-Addicted Offroad Armor (Front bumper, rear, and sliders)
-Complete OME setup, with Dakar rear-springs
-Depending on how it goes, steel 15" wheels and 33" tires
-TRD Supercharger
-Headers and exhaust
-URD 7th Injector Kit
-Herculine Bed Liner
-Strip and recoat rear-frame
-Possibly LR UCA's
-Front sway-bar removal

Wild Card 08-10-2012 02:08 PM

Did the grey-wire mod and DRL disable, no need to post pictures. Also repaired the Quarter-window latches first thing, thanks to Redrum69!

Removed the crappy clutch-torsion spring and replaced it with a new linear-spring, SO much better! Now, the clutch returns that last 1/2" or so, so I don't need to flick it up with my toes and the cruise control will sense it!

I also installed a hitch to pull my dog-trailer, as I dog-sled quite extensively. However, even with a 8" drop-hitch, the trailer still rakes-up a little bit.

Did the deckplate mod, used a 6" deckplate from West Marine. Installed it with sensor-safe RTV sealant and some drywall screws. I retained the stock silencers on the intake, for now.


That really opened her up, noise and a decent power gain.

I also took the throttle body off, cleaned it up and trimmed the metal gasket from a "D" shape to an "O" shape. Suprisingly, that helped a bit, too. I didn't think it would, but, oh well.

Lastly, quite recently, I bought a soft-Tonneau cover from a gentleman. Perfect condition, $60. Installed it, and it looks quite nice. Should protect crap in the bed from rain and sun.


I also have had to replace one of the u-joints, but that's normal maintenance.

Wild Card 08-24-2012 11:22 AM

Ordered 882 coils, OME nitrocharger shocks all around, and Dakar 5-leaf pack from Addicted Offroad. Also ordered their front bumper, rear bumper, and rock sliders. Hopefully all should be arriving within 2 weeks or so.

When I have the rear-bumper and suspension components off, I'm going to brush down the rear-frame and recoat it with POR 15. That oughta be fun, too!

Wild Card 08-24-2012 12:56 PM

When I get out of work to tonight, I'll find out for ya.

Wild Card 08-30-2012 05:12 PM

It is a "Tekstyle" soft tonneau cover.

Got the sliders and rear-bumper today, so I decided I would tackle the easier of the two. I installed the rear-bumper.

Rear-bumper being painted with one of the sliders next to it.

Out with the old....

In with the new!

My sexy helper (just a friend!)

Now, I still need to put a second-coat on that bumper, and mount the license plate onto the tailgate, which will involve some wiring for new lights and such, unless anyone has a better idea? It can't cover the hitch-hole, as I use that on an almost daily basis.

Wild Card 09-01-2012 06:55 PM

Alright, finished up painting the sliders, decided to weld them on. The good news and bad news. Good news is, they're on! And decently solid, two grown men jumping up and down on them and they're fine! Bad news, however, is that these weren't quite an "exact" fit to my frame. The front plates on both sides have about a 1/4" gap between them and the frame. And the cool little "Trail Gear" flame pattern had to be installed on the rear, instead of the front, due to the positioning of the legs, plates, and my frame.

My solution to the very front plates is to slide a piece of raw, flat steel in there, and then weld them all up, frame, steel, and plate, all at once. That should make it be just fine.


My welds weren't pretty, or perfect, but *most* of them got a good toe-in, and she's staying on. I didn't buy these for rock crawling, so they shouldn't ever have to hold the whole truck up on their own. Now, I just need to do some touching up, some scrapes and scuffs that happen when installing.

I also modified the rear-bumper, and put in some hoops to clip trailer-chains onto when hauling a trailer. Because I do that....alot. Also, I ordered a 12" drop ball-mount, as that is what I will need when all is said and done. Why did Toyota make the butts so high on these things?!



I'll be taking the whole rear-bumper off and giving it another good coating of paint....probably Monday. Not sure, yet. Until then, it can look a little bit like butt. I don't care.

Front bumper should be on the way, soon, and where in the hell is my OME kit?!!

Wild Card 09-05-2012 01:02 PM

OME kit "tried" to arrive today. Unfortunately, I was at college, and not available for a signature. Which sucks. Because that means I have to wait until tomorrow to get it!

Wild Card 09-06-2012 02:24 PM

Well, look at what Fed-Ex had sitting in their Lansing warehouse waiting for me!


882 coils, Nitrochargers all around, Dakar leaf-pack, larger and new U-Bolts, and Diff. Drop.

This oughta keep me busy this weekend. I also relocated my license plate to my tail-gate and wired in some lighting for it. Waiting on the JB-Weld to dry before I get some pictures.

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