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Mxer256 08-18-2012 09:04 PM

Mx256's Build!
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Re doing my whole build but here it goes

Heres all my mods:
2 inch lift in front and rear
265/75/16 Toyo Open Country AT2
Clear Corners
Leds Corner Light Bulbs
6000k 35 Hids
Grillcraft grill insert
5% Tint Strip, 5% on back windshield and quarter windows, 12% on front and about order 50% for whole front windshield
Skyjacker rear shocks
Kicker Cvt 10 with a kenwood amp
Kenwood deck
led reverse lights, led license plate lights
Bug reflector and windowvisors

Have a lot more planned for the build and hope to do a lot more in the future

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Attachment 165612

Attachment 165613

Attachment 165614

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paranoid56 08-18-2012 10:15 PM

none of your images work fyi

Mxer256 08-19-2012 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by paranoid56 (Post 5558485)
none of your images work fyi

Thanks...Im fixing them now

Mxer256 08-19-2012 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by Mxer256 (Post 5558241)
Well kinda bored so figured i would start a build!

I got it in 2012 for Christmas

Attachment 165610

Attachment 165611

I wasnt able to drive yet by myself!

In January it was the first time i hauled anything....me and my brothers bikes, gear bags, easy up tent with my dad, brother and me in the truck.

Attachment 165612

Attachment 165613

Attachment 165614

In May i started driving and started to wash it a lot more since I drove it more...When washing it one day the pinstripping started to peel off so I figured since i didnt really like it id go ahead and remove it!

Attachment 165562

Attachment 165563

Attachment 165583

Attachment 165584

After that i found a good deal on a sub so installed one kicker cvt10 with a kenwood amp and a enclosed box. I installed the amp inside the caparpment with the jack and moved the jack to the other capartment

Attachment 165567

Attachment 165568

Later down the road I Decided I really wanted a lift! It was before i really started to get on to TW and when i did i realized it was a bad lift! I plan to redo it soon but it will work till October! Currently its 2 inch block in the rear and 2 in the front. I plan on upgrading to bilsteins all around, Eibach coils, and alcan/deaver leaf pack in the rear.

Attachment 165569

Attachment 165570

Attachment 165571

Attachment 165572

Attachment 165573

Attachment 165574

A Before

Attachment 165585

And After!

Attachment 165586

I couldn't tell a difference in the front but i could tell a difference in the rear tremendously! Shocks are too short and bottom out and really rough. Ive been off roading twice with it and dont plan on doing any more untill i get new lift! I thought my truck was going to literally fall apart!!!! Heres some pics of muddin after 4 days of rain and a new neighborhood being built so nothing but mud road, mud holes, and mud fiels!:D

Attachment 165578

These are pics of my first time getting stuck! I have Nitto Terra Grapplers which are pretty worn and will be getting replaced before my B day in October!
Attachment 165579

Attachment 165580

I have also put in a Cobra cb but no antenna ( have it for my pa system:D)

Attachment 165581

Attachment 165582

I have recently ordered clear corners but have taken them off so i can get some with chrome trim and not the black.

Attachment 165587

Since ive taken those off I got the only pic of her with the lift on after a bath!:)

Attachment 165588

After that the next mod i did was black tail lights! I have removed it though because i wasnt that into it and they were wayyyy too dark!!! (Plastidip!:D)

Attachment 165589

Attachment 165590

Attachment 165591

The latest mod I did was yesturday and it was a Grillecraft grille i bought from a member on here (jdmcq) Thanks to him i got my front end looking a lot better!!:)

Attachment 165592

Attachment 165593

Attachment 165594

Attachment 165595

I plan on getting new lift, tires, headlights, hids, maybe rims, tail lights and darker tint. My brother will be driving next year so i might hand this down to him and get a newer one. But Thats it for now! I plan on uploading pics when Get new stuff in!

Can someone help me? it isnt uploading my pictures...not sure on what to do

TeamSarcasm 08-19-2012 12:31 AM

try using photo bucket instead of attaching

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