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nbitzer 03-27-2013 09:34 PM

Nicks 99 4x4 outdoorsman build up
I picked up my 99 tacoma in February 2013 for a hell of a price (I think...$3750). Only had 144K miles, and was in great condition. I know the dude who owned, and it was just a highway driven road queen. I have wanted one of these since highschool, and I finally have one! Let the building begin...

Here it is on the first day:
Current mods:
-Black painted stock wheels
-12" Alpine Type R sub
-Old Alpine Deck

Future Mods:
-Eibach/5100 billies up front
-2" Toytec AAL in rear
-Rough Country NITRO 9000 rear shocks
-15x8 after market wheels
-33x12.50r15 GoodYear Duratracs
-1/4" front wheel spacer to fit wheels
-TrailGear RockDefense front bumber
-TrailGear RockDefense rear bumper
-Custom Built rock sliders (built by me).
-Custom hi-lift/shovel bed mount (built by me)
-Custom built snowboard/longboard bed-rack (built by me)
-Tonneau Cover
-Some sort of offroad light. Haven't decided if I want to go LED light bar, or round HID lights.
-Bed lights
-Grey wire mod
-Aftermarket exhaust (muffler)...not sure which one yet.
-Herculiner for bed
-Herculiner for rockers

I am a big outsdoors man. I live in Colorado, and spend most of my free time in the mountains doing something active. I do a lot of camping, hiking, snowboard, mountain biking, etc.... I want to make this truck something that can get me where I need to go in the mountains of CO. There are some pretty gnarly roads just to get the hiking trailheads.

I'll continue to update this thread with all my build information. I'll try and take detailed pictures of the stuff I custom build so others might be able to build the stuff too. Thanks for looking!

TacoBurrito07 03-27-2013 09:36 PM

Sweet! prepare for your bank account to hit $0

nbitzer 03-27-2013 09:40 PM

Here are some parts that arrived in the last couple days...

Wheels (Summit Racing 85 Series 8. 15x8. 3.75BS):

Front Bilstein 5100 (sitting on my wheels):

Wheel spacers:

New (to me) complete rear springs. My rear leafs are smoked, so I picked up some low mile springs with a 2" toytec AAL installed.

My plan is to get my lift on this weekend...probably going to have to wait another few weeks until the tires get put on.

Stay tuned!

nbitzer 03-27-2013 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by TacoBurrito07 (Post 6657716)
Sweet! prepare for your bank account to hit $0

It already has! I am working on moving during all of this also...so I am going to be poor for a little while :(

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