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Fizzled 04-06-2011 07:41 PM

FS 95-00 Tacoma 2.4L 2WD Pacesetter Headers. FREE
I bought these to replace a cracked stock mani. I got the set, it was missing any nuts. I called pacesetter, they said they send them to me. They forgot for a week and I had to call and remind them. I got the new hardware kit and they sent me a spare gasket set that I requested. Blew the header>extension gasket a few days after installing. Replaced, blew it again (no my cat isn't clogged/melted either). I gave up and went back to regular manifold (Dorman OE style replacement) and stock front pipe. Haven't had an issue since. Anyway, if you want to make these work I think you'll have to weld the header>extension joint and also find a way to resolve the slight alignment issue with the extension>Cat joint (they don't mount perfectly flush and regardless of the rubber exhaust mounts). Make no mistake, this set is complete garbage. If no one wants it in 2 weeks it's going in the trash. Just pay me shipping or come pick it up if you're local. Really though, I should be paying someone to take these from me. *Not Commiefornia legal* Includes extra hardware (nuts bolts washers). You'll need gaskets.

1zx14mini 04-08-2011 10:27 AM

pacesetter header
I am very interested in the header let me know how we can complete the transaction lol I have 2.4 and its a slug with 31" tires and thoght about trying a header thanks in in Riverside ca and I am willing to pick it up if that easier

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