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jdmhn8 04-02-2012 11:51 PM

Tacoma/4Runner parts. Control arms, spindles, etc.
Cleaning out some random stuff left over from my 4Runner and a 4WD conversion. Can meet up within a 100 mile radius of Phoenix, AZ

Sold a ton of stuff on TTORA, Yotatech, G2IC and Honda-Tech, if you need some vouches. Generally can ship the next day for most reasonably sized parts.


1999 4Runner upper/lower control arms and adjustment cams. 47K miles, all in excellent condition. Bushings are damn near perfect and would be great replacements on a high mileage truck. Zero rust on the cams.

Lower control arms SOLD, $50 shipped for upper control arms, $30 shipped for cams


4Runner ABS wiring. In great shape, didn't need it. $30 shipped


Magnaflow muffler #12866. Removed from my 96 4Runner before I sold it, used less than 4 months. In great shape, will include the two lap joint clamps to make it a bolt on affair. $55 shipped


Tundra 2WD spindles, identical to 3rd gen 4Runner and 1st gen Tacoma spindles. In great shape, 130K miles. $30 for the pair, rather not ship


4Runner/Tacoma ADD axle from 99 4Runner with 47K. In great shape. $55 shipped


5VZ cam and crank position sensors. Pulled from a running engine (spun rod bearing) with 200K. $15 shipped for both


My 3rd gen 4Runner sleeping platform I can't seem to sell. Lots of interest, but no one is every serious. Need it gone. PM or post for details (or search for previous thread). $50


5VZ exhaust manifolds. Removed from an engine with 130K to swap in Thorley headers. In great shape, $75 shipped



Stock CD headunit from an 03 Tundra. Worked fine. In good shape, asking $30 shipped

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