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98Tacoma13 04-22-2013 05:56 PM

FS: Passenger door, power steering pump, t-case
misc things for first gens i have accumulated. location is olympia, washington area. won't ship the door, i would ship the other 2 items at buyers expense though.

oem power steering pump from 98' 3.4 4x4 truck. complete, leak free, with reservoir. PULLEY BENT! the reman pumps run $110ish, $75 for a good oem pump. tight bearing, no idea HTF the pulley got bent, truck came that way :rolleyes:.

98' black passenger door, manual configuration. good glass, door handle, ect. there is a dent on the lower half, it's not a super pretty door. it's a fair condition door with good glass. $100 seems about 30% of what most people ask. could be all you want it to be with some minor prep or run it as is.

T-case from a 2003 TRD truck, manual 3.4 v6 truck. vehicle had 54k miles when it was totaled. so, buyer verify for sure this will work! it has the full setup for e-locker, good tested sensor, shifter linkage, complete case. shifts smooth, no issues! i bought this thinking mine was bad, turned out to be another issue along my ADD diagnostic adventure. $100 for it.

will add more as i come across it. just trying to sell a few things to get the loot for trail gear bumpers. thanks, john

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