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Surging Throttle not just on idle

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Surging Throttle not just on idle

So I'm driving this evening on the freeway going about 75 about 20 minutes into my 45 minute drive and I'm going up a hill so I shift into 4th to climb, something feels off and I'm losing speed, figured I just hit a gust of wind so shift into 3rd, still losing speed and I don't hear my engine, pull over, and as I pull onto the shoulder I notice all of my indicator lights have come on and sure enough, my engine stalled. Stop, sit for a second, Brake, neutral, clutch, turn key. Starts then dies almost instantly. Does this about 6 times even if im viciously pumping my gas pedal to try to keep it alive, still ends up stalling after starting fine and lasting a whole half second.

I looked at everything, couldn't figure out what could be the cause of this problem. Not only have i never seen this problem before, I couldn't even figure out any possible causes for this specific phenomena. I figured I'd just try flicking my throttle twice with my engine off. Did that, turned the key, and it started right up and stayed running as if nothing had happened. I gave it some gas, revved it for a bit, then let it settle back down as i closed my hood and texted my dad that my truck was running again. Didn't notice anything odd with the engine, so I go on my way and think nothing of it. I get off the freeway and i notice my engine is surging when i shift and when I'm in neutral at a stop right away, and its done that ever since.

The weird...It does it all the time under acceleration, cruising, decel, or idle. At first I thought bad IAC but it does it all the time, so I figure it couldn't be that.

30k miles into 100k plugs
checked air filter, was in backwards (thanks Belle Tire) but is the right way now
Hoses seem fine, but I won't rule it out
My idle has been noticeably low for a while and causes an annoying shake but its been like that for a few months now ever since the new plugs back like 7 or 8 months ago.
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