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flesheatingvirus 06-26-2008 12:56 AM

My first Pickup
I just got my first pickup, a 96 Tacoma 2.4L 4CYL 2x4 with the X-tended cab and automatic trans. I have some initial questions.

First off, the cover to the fuse/relay center under the hood is missing. I would really like to have one, but the junkyards around here are DRY of Tacomas. Know where I might order one? I've Googled and Ebayed with no luck except for the interior fuse panel cover, but not one for under the hood.

I've never used synthetic oil, but the Mobile 1 seems to be getting a broad consensus here, so I think I'll try that with 5000 mile changes.

Can I tell where my truck was manufactured?

I also noticed something strange, that I might be blowing out of proportion. When I accelerate from a stop, up to about 55, the acceleration isn't very smooth, but makes me rock forward and rearward a bit. What could that be? I'm not used to the way it drives yet, but it also doesn't quite seem to take of very fast, or with much power. I just changed the spark plugs. Thoughts?

Thanks, all!

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