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ibengineer 09-04-2010 08:21 PM

Fabtech 2.5 dirt logic coilovers (0-3.5" lift)
Hey all - just got my new fab tech coil overs and camburg uca's put on today. I have the fabs set at 2.75" (measuring the thread showing) and it really seems to me that I am sitting higher than I was before (on a 3" revtek lift). The guys who put this stuff on for me (I chickened out of doing it myself b/c you have to press in the ball joints on the camburg uca's) told me that it will settle a bit over the next few days, and that it "should" be fine.

I am now clearing my 33x10.5 km2's with ease - which worries me (they rubbed slightly with the revtek). Any ideas? should I just lower these coils down a bit, or should I wait to see if they settle?

Digiratus 09-04-2010 08:55 PM

Are the ribs of your CV axle boots rubbing against each other, or even touching? Post a pic from the front that shows the axles. Too great of an axle angle could spell trouble for the boots.

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