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802YOTA 03-16-2011 11:28 AM

Boot Slide mod. No more blowing cv boots.
I found this on ttora, and have searched TW wide for info on it not to much so I decided to share this. I am in no way taking resposnibilty for the write up.
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I was looking at an inner boot the other day and it came to me. Just cut the 1/2" or so part where the shaft clamp goes off an old boot and save. Slide a new boot on the shaft several inches past the groove. Next slide the old piece to the stock location and clamp or tie wire in place. Be sure to mash any protruding parts of the clamp or tie wire flat. This provides a "stop" that will keep the new boot from sliding back into the groove. Just that simple.
Some pics to come later.

So I cut up an inner boot for a better view of what is going on and wasted my time machining a blingy "boot stop".
The shaft in the pics is just a piece of round stock for illustrative purposes.


Here are two other methods that will do absolutely the SAME thing and they are free. At left is the waste of time, center is a handful of c-clips (tripod retainers) and right is the method I would use in the future, about 3/8" of the original boot end backed up by one tripod c-clip. (c-clip inboard of the boot piece) OEM boot kits come with new clips so just use the old clip for the stop.


Courtesy of terryj5, member of ttora.com
Here is the link to the whole discussion of this boot slide mod.

KenpachiZaraki 03-16-2011 11:47 AM

Subbed!! I need new cv joints anyways :P

Alby9999 03-16-2011 11:54 AM


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Blackdawg 08-13-2011 10:45 AM

Cool!...but im a bit confused oh what to do...

sub'd tho!

motorsport36 08-13-2011 10:51 AM


Man of War 08-13-2011 10:42 PM


SUUBed for Jusus. Loser

ForeRunner 08-13-2011 11:57 PM

Non relevant posts deleted.

PM a mod or me with concerns if the issue persists!

04trd 08-14-2011 08:58 AM

seems kinda of a pain in the ass? you have to cut your new boot off put a old peice of boot in some kind of lip that the new one sits on? i have never taken one appart to understand where this lip it.

but how do to this is you cut the new boot off, grab a old boot put it where that lip is than slide the new boot over that pack it with grease and put a new clamp over it? or am i totally wrong.

StAndrew 08-14-2011 09:32 AM

Im a little confused. What is this supposed to alleviate/eliminate/fix? Im guessing you need to purchase a new set of boots and use the old set to keep it from falling into the stock groove? Again, why?

Tacomadude89 08-14-2011 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by StAndrew (Post 3578290)
Im a little confused. What is this supposed to alleviate/eliminate/fix? Im guessing you need to purchase a new set of boots and use the old set to keep it from falling into the stock groove? Again, why?

It's a fix for blown cv boots. You can't replace the boots without pulling the cv's apart. The mod essentially wraps the old, blown, boots and prevents the grease from popping out.

pAP 08-14-2011 12:58 PM

This mod stretches your cv boot out about 3/4" which prevents the boot fins from rubbing each other thus preventing holes or tears in the boot.

Essentially, you pull the inner boot down the shaft 3/4". In most cases, you need to use something behind the new location to keep it from sliding back into it's original position. that's what the above references. It's a piece of the old boot that gets clamped inside the new boot to prevent the new boot from sliding back.

This mod only applies to lifted rigs. Rigs with a very small lift or none need not apply.

JLink 08-14-2011 05:37 PM

how about the outer boot? I realized today that my outer boot fins are very tight together

04trd 08-14-2011 06:17 PM

ya if it works for both upper and lower than that would work pretty easily, i wish someone could do a write up and pics of how to do it properaly.
i dont wanna start cutting up boots and doing them wrong

Taco4Fish 08-14-2011 06:22 PM

This is for the inner boot as the problem is the inner boots wears at the angle of the cv. In other words if your tuck is 4x4 go outside and look at you inner cv boots, now get a piece of paper and see if you can slide it through the gap between the first and second fin, if you can then dont worry about this mod, if you cant then your cv boots are rubbing and will break over time. You will have to pull the CV SHAFTS which is an intermediate job to replace the boot. You simply cut off the old boot but make sure to leave the end of the boot in tack. Then follow the write up on TTORA "which is posted above". What the mod is doing is stretching the cv BOOT 3/4" so the fins spread out and not rub.

By doing this mod it does not mean you can LIFT your truck to 3"+ just cause the boots are not rubbing. If you do think you can, you will increase the angle of the CV shaft into the differential and cause premature wear. Costing more $$ in the end.

***Truck with Drop Bracket Lifts (ex. Fabtech 6", trailmaster 4", procomp......) This doesn't pertain to you since you have a Drop Bracket. Any PRERUNNERS, 5-LUG, 4X2 THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU!!!!

DAMNDUKE 08-17-2011 12:25 PM

You don't have to Cut your new boot do you? I was thinking unclamp the boot, slide it back, cut what you need from the old boot and cut it again so you can put it around the shaft, then clamp in on, then slide your new boot over it.... Is that how youre supposed to do it? Cutting up a brand new boot doesn't sound right....

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