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Sohum63 03-29-2013 09:05 PM

Question about retrofitting power windows?
I recently got a '96 2wd tacoma to use for running around and because of the abundance of available parts and getting ideas from the Internet I started doing minor mods to it to help with comfort and to get me back into something mechanical which is what I did for a while but have not done recently.
I want to add power windows, not very concerned with locks and really am only concerned with the passenger door at the moment. I know there are aftermarket kits that seam like they would work fine (I think an old Chevy I had my have had a set in it when I got it) and seem reasonably priced but it dosen't seem hard to find complete doors so I was wondering if retrofitting either an entire power door or the power guts would be an alternative. The electric motor looks like it will bolt right in so I was wondering if I did that what governs the motor to shut it off when reaching the top or bottom is it in the motor itself. Also, if I bolted on doors with power windows would I just need to run power to the two doors and connect them together so driver door controls passenger or is there any on board electronics I would need to add (assuming I don't worry about keyless entry).
Thanks seams like it should be simple but I wasn't sure about a few things. Any pointers or links would be great. Mostly concerned with controlling the motor if I added it.

Blackdawg 03-29-2013 09:19 PM

Basically its juts a 3 way switch that tell the motor to turn on and off.

You should be able to just swap doors or swap the internals. I did when i put a 2wd body on to my 4wd frame. All just bolted right in. But i had a wiring harness with the E windows so i didn't have to run new wires. In theory though yes you would just have to get ground and power to the motors/ switch.

I would recomemnd if you can find some tacoma doors with them in to swap the internals or whole door. The manual opener doesnt have a good way of attacthing the motor and i doubt it would work as well as a OEM one.

Its pretty simple to do. Power locks are a PITA to swap in and out just due to space issues.

i have some pics..not DIY pics though..


hmm guess i don't have that many pictures of it..sorry

TacoDell 03-29-2013 09:27 PM

I like muh manual windows.
crank down regardless of electrical failure.

most victims whom drown in a car...
can't get the window down, to get out.
or they think an air bubble is going to save them :rolleyes:


if yer junk is going under... better get out quick
The windows may be your only option.

you could always invest in one of the window breaker gizmos...
but then you might need to look for it, if it ever happened. Lol

^ this probably wouldn't concern city dwellers, nor desert rats...
But those whom wheel their junk should have understanding.

manual window crank's may be less convenient...
but it's still the smarter choice IMO. ;)

Sohum63 03-29-2013 09:30 PM

Thanks, anybody have a good place to fing a wiring diagram showing what each wire on the door wiring harness is for.
Thanks again, total door swap may be the way to go.

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