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prerunnerSD 04-09-2013 12:40 PM

Tie Rod Damage? Consequences
Driving cross country notice some sounds and clicking coming from driver-side took it into Firestone here in Tennessee and the mechanic told me that my tie rod which you see pictured in the right encircle is getting some play In it. Was quoted 350 which includes alignment you think this is something I should take care of right now with 2000 miles to go or something I could wait I'm just afraid of a catastrophic failure...


Large 04-09-2013 12:46 PM

Given the extent of the damage I wouldn't want to be doing 70 MPH and a tire rod give out on the highway

jshsltr 04-09-2013 12:50 PM

What is the mileage in your truck? My outer tie rod ends had some play at about 155k. I drove about 8k before i changed it myself. It is recommended to change both sides if you have to do one. I paid about 43 bucks for a pair of Moogs on amazon. Took less than 30 mins to put them both on. Then got it aligned.

prerunnerSD 04-09-2013 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by Large (Post 6718714)
Given the extent of the damage I wouldn't want to be doing 70 MPH and a tire rod give out on the highway

It just started making noises and I just noticed, is it a huge risk that it could give out should I just fix it anyway? My main mechanic is not around here so I just want to make sure it's done right

StAndrew 04-09-2013 12:54 PM

If its the outer rod, its easy to fix yourself. Inner rod is a bitmore but also pretty easy. Check out my DIY thread for a vid.

jshsltr 04-09-2013 12:58 PM

When do you hear the clicking? While turning or driving straight? Highway speeds or slower?

prerunnerSD 04-09-2013 12:58 PM

If the inner tire rod goes on the left side driver side and I was going 60 miles an hour would the truck crash would I lose complete control the vehicle is it really that big of a deal? My lower ball joint back in the winter stamped and caused the wheel to come off, $2200 worth of repair sense now this comes up

prerunnerSD 04-09-2013 01:17 PM

That happens at slower speeds I don't hear it on the highway at all mostly happening only when turning it's kind of a very subtle thing most people would notice it's just I've had problems before so I'm on it. It's happened in the last thousand miles traveling from New England to Tennessee

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