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TWnewbie 04-18-2013 06:17 AM

Need some advice!
Hello All! So I have a 2001 toyota tacoma X-cab PreRunner with 158,000 miles. Its has the V6 engine. Just left the mechanic getting a price to have the AC Compressor replaced. (its hot here in south florida) While under the truck i asked him to look into a few oil leaks as I noticed a drop or two of oil on the driveway occurring when parked over night.

His diagnosis of the leaks are as follows (as best as i can understand)
- Oil pan seal
- Valve cover gaskets
- Rear main seal
- Oil cooling device o-ring on side of motor
And the big one...... the cam seal? (not sure exactly what this is or if im saying it correctly) The leak is on the back side of the engine.

Hes telling me this cam seal requires the engine to be pulled in order to replace it. Anyone heard of this? The total cost plus labor including replacing radiator fluid, timing belt (due in 20 thousand miles anyway), water pump, all seals mentioned, motor oil, a/c compressor and other misc items(ex heater hoses etc) will run around $3,100.00

Ok big question - is it worth it to have this work done? He says front end looks good. I have good tires and breaks. No known transmission issues as it seems to drive just like it always has. He thinks i should be able to get approx 3-4 more years out of it with regular maintenance.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance - TWnewbie

Taylor 04-18-2013 06:37 AM

I'm not sure on the cam seals, but fixing leaks and keeping up with maintenance is always worth it. Saves you money down the road.

Maybe someone more educated can chime in on the cam seal, because besides the rear main, everything else is very simple.

TWnewbie 04-18-2013 06:55 AM

Thanks Partybus - I pretty sure im going to fix her up but it seems to be a lot of money to put into an old truck. I like my taco so I guess I just want some reassurance this truck should last a few more years and some comment on the price. I have some time to do the work but i really wanted my A/C back as summer is approaching.

Im pretty easy on on my truck and over the last 12 years i really have not needed much in maintaining her. - I actually bought it back in 01 to tow a small boat. The boat has been long gone so I only use it to get back and forth to work which is approx 5 miles round trip per day and to haul kayaks to the river (approx the same distance 4 time a month or so).

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