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clothar 05-10-2013 02:28 PM

What inner CV grease should I use?
Hi Guys,
So my inner CV boot was slinging grease I checked the boot out it was not ripped or torn so I replaced the outer clamp where the grease was coming from and decided to replace the grease inside the boot because i had no idea how long it had been slinging grease.

I bought some all purpose molyslip grease NGL2 cuz it says on the tube idea for: CV joints and other stuff.

So I take off the inner clamp and a whole bunch of greyish liquid pours out which is much thinner that the molly grease that I have to replace it. So I research it on here and the thicker molly grease goes on the outer boot and the thinner grease or oil goes on the inner.

The Toyota dealer here does not just sell the inner grease so I would have to get the boot kit which is $88.00 for a single boot kit even tho I just need the grease. I know they rake us over the coals in Canada.

So I hoping someone knew what I can use instead. Cuz i really do not want to pay 88$ for some grease.
Ideally i want people to tell me it is ok to use the molly grease I have cuz then i can fix it right now which would be great!
Thanks guys,

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