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longwaytothetop 04-25-2009 06:44 PM

Rear Differential axle shaft problem
Hey everyone, so about 2 months ago when I was driving on the highway i see this huge pot-hole in front of me and I avoid it with my front wheels but it hit my rear driver side wheel pretty hard. Ever since that happened my left rear wheel has had a slight wobble and when I go over 45mph it just gets even worse...its no not a vibration like a bad wheel bearing , but a wobble. So I was thinking hey it must have bent the wheel or maybe the bearing went or something. So i look at it today with the rear wheels off the ground and tires spinning, and I notice that the entire wheel, tires, brake drum and center hub seem to have the same in-and-out wobble. What it seems to be(what my dad and me believe) is the rear differential axle shaft on the driver side must have been slightly bent from that huge pot-hole. Also, the wheel bearing looked/felt fine as well.
So my question is, have you guys ever looked for a rear differential axle shaft...i have found it really hard to find, mainly because most websites sell the whole differential itself, but I only need the axle shaft thats inside. Anyone know where I could find one, besides the dealership-stealership? ill probably head to the junkyard this week to see if there is anything there, but more options would be awesome.

trailinTaco 04-25-2009 09:10 PM

yeah actually i bent my axle shaft a while ago and at 70 mph the rear end shook really bad. and i could see my wheel wobble about an inch back and forth. i had the same problem you did it took me a while to find. the dealers qoute is 250 for a new one. so i went to a toyota used parts place and got one for 150 and they pulled it out of the truck. and whenever you get one you have to also replace the abs tone wheel, bearing, bearing retainer, and seal. i think the parts for that are around $50. its a bit of a job to do.

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