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1999tacotrd 05-12-2009 10:09 PM

Not even the toughest truck could surive my bad luck :(
I just bought a 1999 tacoma trd about 2 weeks ago droping almost 5k on it used with 194k miles on it well i drove it 2 MO this week end a 1000 mile round trip and on the way back stoped to get gas and noticed it was somking and looked under the truck and it was pissing transmission fuild :( so we drove it to the next town constaly putting fuild in it and rented a uhual and dolly and towed it back home but i think the transmission is shot.

So now i have to buy another transmission or get that one rebuilt

Has any one here did a auto 4WD transmission swap and if so how hard is it to do compared to a FWD car which is only transmissions that i have every done.?

and any recommendations on where to buy a good used one or rebuilt one?

TRD4x4858 05-12-2009 11:24 PM

Way easier than a fwd!!!!

Yota_dvl 05-13-2009 12:06 AM

so dude get this in my 88 yota pick up
I SAS'd it 6 inch lift well in the summer it got its cat stolen ever since then the thing went down hill. I couldn't get it to pass emissions with a muffler a shop put on so I took if off straight piped it and said screw it i aint licensing it , I'm sellin it anyways. so I got camping in it and the front wheel drive shaft snaps on me. that same campin trip brakes went out a tree stopped me from goin into the lake. after got new grill and bumpers a guy looked at it and was goona buy it. as I'm drivin to meet him at walmart my truck starts smokin from under the truck I look I'm leakin oil. check under the hood OIL EVERYWHERE! I say shit I start to head back home and then I see flames and smoke coming outta the hood, pull over as soon as I'm slowing down the tranny drops and all the tires coasted ( i just lost the tranny) I push gas to make sure and it seezed up the engine cuz it had NO oil. so now the truck is dead! called Uhaul place all outta truck dolleys. wait till next day it snowed 6 inches! over night someone jacked my amp sub and deck. when I got it home I took off the tires and threw on cheap ones, the online add said TAKE IT! .25 $ ended up got 200 bucks outta it that was my lucky truck! so it aint that bad buddy

1999tacotrd 05-13-2009 12:36 AM

Well i found a transmission on ebay for a decently cheap price its a 2wd but it says in the listing that u can add the transfer case it it and make it a 4wd transmission is this true? I know AWD cars u cant do such a thing but im not sure about 4wd trucks

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