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opc167 07-27-2009 10:52 AM

Oil, Trans cooler combo w/electric fan and filters
I have a 96, 4X4, 3.4L. I want to do the following:

Replace the clutch fan with an electric - I plan not to run this off the thermostat but will be on while running.

Add a dual-cooler radiator for tansmission and oil - mounted on my push-guard with it's own fan (I'm designing a box to hold it).

I want to also re-route the oil filter and place this new filter in the same area as the dual-cooler...add also a trans filter.:cool:

My question is: Is there a concern regarding transmission preasure and oil preasure by adding length to the flow of oils when I place them in front of the radiator?

spasur 07-27-2009 04:00 PM

I don't think the extra flow length will have too big of an impact on fluid pressures, but the extra transmission filter might. I am new to tacos, but I have heard of oil coolers and remote filters being installed on other vehicles with no adverse affects. I have never heard of anyone installing an external transmission fluid filter, but I like the idea!

Be sure to install a thermostat on the oil cooler loop so that your oil will get good and warmed up so that it lubricates properly in colder weather

opc167 07-28-2009 06:44 AM

Someone just suggested I add a pump inline (due to the added travel of fluid) with my install but I don't know the pressure to buy. Does anyone have a brand pump to consider and what pump rate?

opc167 08-05-2009 02:29 AM

Let me know your opinion on this, but I want to add oil and trans cooler but don’t have room in front of the radiator.

First, I’m installing an electric fan to replace the clutch in order to get a little more HP. I do not have room in front of the radiator to add a oil and trans cooler because I’m also adding filter kits for both and re-routing the oil filter itself. What I’ve decided to do is install a fan box in my bed area.. w/dual oil/trans cooler (with filters). I’ll kick off the fan when the oil temp reaches operating temp (I don’t know what that temp is yet).

My question is what is the pump pressure and will I need to add any type trans and oil pumps inline if I route the lines to the bed area with that much length? I estimate adding about 10 feet to the transmission line after it exits the radiator?

Any suggestions? I don’t think I’m over-kill here if I plan on pulling 3500+ lbs! It a 3.4L, 96 4x4.

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