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akjone02 08-06-2010 11:36 AM

I call it Vera - Functional Newbie friendly mods - No drilling required
1st of August 2010 I purchased my Tacoma. No experience with Toyota, trucks, mods, or manuals. :) This will be my first time doing any type of work on a vehicle, and I intend to document the process in that hopes that anyone who comes after me can get some ideas and, of course, learn from my mistakes.

My mods will follow this set of rules wherever possible:
- Be newbie friendly (I'm a newbie so this should be a given)
- Have some functional purpose, or at least look really really good
- Not reduce performance (specifically mpg or hp)
- At all costs avoid voiding my 7 year warranty
- Do everything possible to avoid cutting, drilling, or welding into my truck
- Not break the bank

I'll be creating a thread with a writeup for each mod that I do and linking to them below. I'm hoping this build will serve as a sort of compilation and easy reference for some of the more common modifications done.

Basic: 2010 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab, Barcelona Red
Drive: 4 Cylinder Manual Transmission
Options: Floor Mats, door sill protector, no packages

*adding more later before I change anything*

Cheated (dealer/aftermarket installed)
Remote Keyless Entry - 0 hours - $134
Wind Visors - 0 hours - $93


In Progress
Digital Shifter with gear display
Bakflip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover
Pop and Lock powered bed lock
Tailgate clamp anti-theft mod

Undercarriage lights
Bed Lights
Heated mirrors mod
Daytime running lights mod
Steps or shifters with functional bed access
Powered Mirrors
Compass / Temperature gauge mod
Air Intake

claw 08-29-2010 08:47 PM

The simplicity is similar to what I'm shooting for, I'll be following along for sure!

OH-MAN 08-29-2010 08:55 PM

I said I will not modify this truck!!!!

My wife laughed.

She was soooo right as usual!!!!

RAD 08-30-2010 01:51 AM

^Pfft. I said I wasn't going to MOD this truck, nor spend a lot on it. Boy was I wrong.

Also.....Good Luck with the Build!

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