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Abdel 03-31-2013 01:02 PM

Abdel's Build
hey guys, i am from Mexico bought my first 2010 Tacoma a yr ago(july 2012), i was kind of new to tacomas, but always wanted one. so i started reading a frew threads and started changing little things here and there, so here are a few pics of how its turning up, i still need to do a lot of things im planning on doing, but little by little i guess. its hard to find parts being here in Mexico, plus i work offshore in Aussieland, and barely spend some time at home...

So i started by adding some chrome side steps so my wife could jump in as she is petite, unfortunately that didnt work well they are not really steps, more like a obstacle when getting out of the truck, also when its summertime that thing gets crazy hot, so if u are wearing shorts and step out u will get calf burn immediately! lol.

i then added hid kit 8000k on both headlights and fog lights

after that i went crazy and did a Sunroof on it, leather black seats with TACOMA emblem, did TRD air intake upgrade supposedly it does more HP but havent really noticed it.

bought a GoRhino bull bar wich was a pain in the ass to install. and the wires for the headlights never got delivered, so still standing by on that.

asked Homertaco for a grill in August, but as you all know, he's got tons of orders, just finally got it about a week ago. installed it, i looked at all the lower grilles out there, but i decided to do mine different, a flush instead of a pocket. so here are a few pics..

just did the sleeved fog lights, was going to buy plastidip, but couldnt finds it here, so i bought some kind of leak protector made by rostoleum, test sprayed it on a 5 gal can and didnt like the result, so i bought some matte black paint, did the chin too(right under lower grill), unfortunately when i reattached all the wires they are no longer working(both of them) anyone has got this issue? any tips
bulbs look good, i dont know. today is easter and will be spending time with family, so maybe monday willcheck on it

so i removed the GoRhino bullbar to paint chin, and now im undecided on what to do, remove it, leave it or trade for a Westin bullbar

did a TRD emblem at roof, since i was a bit bored too! lol

did a cheap tailgate security copst me $50cents. bought a small LED lamp and cost me $10 which is next to my seat.

wanted to do a BHLM but it looks like it came black from stock

bought some LED strips trying to see where to add them

right now my next move is to lift the truck 3" at front and 2" at back, and i already have 20"x8.5 black KMC Rockstar rims i got in a good deal, but still looking for tires 33x12.5R20, and guessing if its going to rub or not, i guess im going to find that out. if some one has got that experience please let me know or if you guys have any smaller rims 17" black KMC Rockstar and want tp upgrade for a 20 please let me know. or if you have that kind of tires too!. i live in Mexico but can go once a month to San Antonio Tx.
i have seen a lot of great looking tacomas, so i get inspired by most of the mods.

things to do next

tailgate advanced security.
touchscreem OEM stereo
dashboard LED swap
4x4 button light mod
truck bed lights
i want to add a small 1 gal compressor right behind the rear tire(where the 110v plug is) but on the inside of the truck so its hidden and leave the gauges and hose connector right in the compartment right next to it.
and on the other side i want to add a water tank maybe a couple of gallons just for emergencies or any other necessities.

i want to add a roofrack

well thats it for me for now, will be posting more pics as i get upgrades or mods

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