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brandon1647 08-05-2013 07:34 AM

2008 double cab prerunner

I Bought the truck from STINGRAY Chevrolet in Tampa, Fl with 45,00 miles. Everything was stock, except the seats, The one previous owner before me owned an upholstery shop and put in leather seats.

Front lift
- Bilstein 5100 adj shocks. set at 1.75"
- Eibach coils 1.6"
- Maxtrac 4" spindle

Rear lift
- Bilstein shocks 3-4" lift
- 4" block

- Satoshi grill with landcrusier emblem
- Halo headlights
- Matte black bedside decals
- White LED interior lights
- LED shifter light
- Plasti-dipped emblems
- 15" ORION Sub
- JVC headunit
- Carrier bearing drop bracket

Still might be forgetting a few

I drove it how it was for about two years, then decided to start modding it.

put in a JVC KD-PDR80 head unit ( free ).
Then ORION Cobalt 15" sub.

- painted my dash kit around my head unit, and shifter console.

The chrome grille kind of looked weird now with black headlights, so I decided to plastidip it.

did the emblems all the way around

White LED map & dome lights

Finally started buying parts for the lift .
Maxtrac 4" spindle and Eibach coils

- 4" block and another set of billys for the back

Didn't really feel like disassembling my stock strut to use the top strut spacer on my new set up

Finally ready to start lifting it.

Didn't have my tires and rims yet, and my stock rims wouldn't fit because the offset, and it hit my new spindle. so I had to borrow and chevy rim from my buddy and my spare tire flipped backwards. I just put them on so I could put the rear lift on.

Picked up the tires and rims from discount tire today
295/70/18 Nitto Trail Grappler M/T
18" XD addict
( 34.2" tall & 11.6" wide )
( 4.5" backspace )

Let me know what you think

Will be adding to the thread as the build progresses!

Surfside77 08-05-2013 09:51 AM

Lookin Good!

brandon1647 08-05-2013 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by Surfside77 (Post 7257123)
Lookin Good!

Thanks man

redtacoma88 08-06-2013 07:08 AM

dang. looks so badass

BLOODYMARY 08-06-2013 01:31 PM

Looks great!!

brandon1647 08-07-2013 07:51 PM

Bought a little Smith & Wesson off ebay for $8. Mounted it on the bottom of my little tray compartment by my ignition.



wanted to take it through a few trails to see how the tires hooked up.. ( first time using GoPro )


brandon1647 08-23-2013 07:03 AM

Finally finished my satoshi. Will post write up and pictures later!

brandon1647 08-29-2013 08:42 AM

Got around to doing the satoshi grill mod. Took two days, just had to drive it one day with bondo all over it. Definitely recommend having another grill to do the work on.


Used the Fiberglass repair kit from autozone



- Perforated aluminum SS from CUSTOMCARGRILLS
I cut the heads off of screws, and used plastic epoxy to hold them against the plastic. I had to drill tiny holes for the screws to fit through, then just put the washer and nut on it.

- For the triangle cut outs, I just screwed it into the back of the plastic to keep it flush



- cut out the front bumper plastic and did the same thing to the bottom


- Sanded the grill with 80 grit, 150, then 220. Sprayed adhesion promoter, Black sandable primer, the Duplicolor color match flat black.

Liam TRD 09-01-2013 01:12 PM

looks good! Im jealous of the leather

brandon1647 09-01-2013 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Liam TRD (Post 7372735)
looks good! Im jealous of the leather

Thanks man!

brandon1647 09-01-2013 01:48 PM

FINALLY got the carrier bearing drop bracket. Had some vibration from in between 5-15 mph. Dropped it 1 3/4" and it rides smooth now


jayhud11 09-02-2013 12:07 PM

How do you like your headlights? Thinking about getting some.

brandon1647 09-02-2013 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by jayhud11 (Post 7375993)
How do you like your headlights? Thinking about getting some.

They're awesome. Although I had to do some playing around with the wiring. The LED strip doesnt run all the way to the top, So i tied them into my parking light wire, to bring them to the top of the light.

brandon1647 09-24-2013 08:00 AM

Been a while since I've been on, figured I'd add a picture from work..


looneytunemagoun 09-24-2013 04:31 PM

Truck looks great

brandon1647 09-25-2013 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by looneytunemagoun (Post 7474707)
Truck looks great

Thanks man!

mason 10-28-2013 12:56 PM

I am in love with your truck haha how much did you spend on your lift

brandon1647 10-29-2013 07:17 AM


Originally Posted by mason (Post 7629133)
I am in love with your truck haha how much did you spend on your lift

Thanks lol! I spent $1,040 for the complete set up. I didn't buy it all as one though. I bought a few parts at a time and got a few deals.

brandon1647 10-29-2013 07:56 AM


mason 10-30-2013 08:53 PM

you put it on yourself righta?

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