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TheJosh 11-21-2012 08:45 PM

Complete 8.4" 3rd Member With ARB RD132 Air Locker And Sierra 4.88 Gears
Used 3rd Member with Arb Air Locker RD132 with Sierra 4.88 gears all preinstalled and ready to just drop in. does require air source.

taken from marlin crawler website

"Toyota 8.4" Tacoma ARB Air Locker assembled differential. 100% ready to drop in featuring the world famous and super reliable ARB. The ARB is a selectable locking differential with a "open" and "locked" position. When using the "open" function the differential operates as a normal stock differential, allowing slippage and reducing tire ware. After the ARB is "locked" in the differential now becomes a full locker and both tires on the axle will turn the same speed. This gives you the ability to have a street friendly differential and a full 100% traction off-road locker. "

this 3rd was installed on July 2010 and will be removed shortly from truck. approx mileage is about 8,000-12,000 miles.

i am switching my carrier to another style since my recent accident when i was hit on my passenger side. i will stand by this 3rd 100% and once it is removed from the vehicle i will have it thoroughly inspected upon shipping or selling


here is a link to the additional parts you would need to install the working locker in your truck


Air Source
Air Solenoid
Blue Nylon Line
rocker switch
and whatever air line splices you desire for your application

Price $1250

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