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jomiller48 07-11-2013 06:07 PM

WTB: "old style" toyota bed rail bike racks
As the the title says I am looking to buy some of the older style toyota rail system bike mounts. The ones that are a metal plate that is bolted to the composite style tie-downs. If I can find a picture of the ones I am looking for I will add it to the post. I am looking for 4 of them. If anyone has some get ahold of me and give me a price.


T@co_Pr3runn3r 07-12-2013 05:06 AM

I might have a couple of those. Will have to look and see if they are what you are after. Will post pic after work.

jomiller48 07-12-2013 08:25 PM

Thanks, I'm kinda partial to that easily movable design. Trying to get them fabbed at any of my local shops is quite expensive and I can't seem to find a resource online that has any leftover stock. I think my buddy is sick of me borrowing his all the time too.

Mx SuperFly 25 11-14-2013 10:11 PM

i have two i can sell. let me know if you are still interested

jomiller48 11-14-2013 10:48 PM

I'm still interested for sure. Send me a PM or e-mail with your price. Thanks.

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