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Power Outlet (household appliance plug in bed)

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Power Outlet (household appliance plug in bed)

Hello Forum,

My 2008 Tacoma PreRunner Double Cab does not come with the "household appliance" plug in the bed (forgive my lingo but that's what I know it by) & I would not want one there anyways. However. I would like to have one in the cab. From the little that I have read the factory one is weak.

I would like to find a compromise between power & the Tacoma's battery life so I am thinking of a 1000 watt power inverter. Basically, I need something that can power my laptop, battery chargers for drills, air pump & a small TV (13" screen). Not at the same time ofcourse & the TV will only be on rare ocassions like a hurricane aftermath for example. Also, I want to add one power outlet (like the 2 front ones) for the rear occupants so if there is an inverter that brings both that would be awesome. If not, how can I power the 12v power outlet? Also, How do I power the inverter.

P.S. I just did the "constant hot" mod for both front outlets. I have had a cell phone charging there for 2 hours so far & no issues. (I am just testing it). I used to charge my cell phone overnight in my Saturn Vue & NEVER had a battery issue but I like to double & triple check everything & I finally had time to do this today!

F.Y.I. I followed the instructions on the link below but instead of the jumper wire I simply opened the relay & bent the tab down to make contact with the other tab. I guess I "bridged" it. I then put the cap back over the relay, plugged it in & done. CONSTANT POWER without even buying a piece of wire. It took me 30 minutes for everything, start to finish.

2005 Tacoma Constant Cigarette Ligher & Power Outlet Voltage Mod
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Inverter and Always-on 12v outlets

I work in a boat yard and we do inverter setups all the time.
A good reference for you is to go the the Xantrex and Blue Sea web sites - lots of helpful info, pics and diagrams.
Please bear with a longish post - didn't know what to cut out without messing you up!
In my DC/LB I wanted an inverter to run chargers, compresor, 110v halogen work light, etc. I also wanted an alternate power source for 12v stuff like GPS, 12v spotlight, etc. so as to not run down the engine battery!
I put an extra AGM vertical style battery on the shelf in back of the rear seat (strapped it in good), wired it to a charge combiner/isolator, then connected that to a 60amp fuse in the engine compartment, and then to the alternator output at the engine battery.
Then, I took power off the extra battery to another 60amp fuse in back of rear seat, then to an 750 watt inverter in back of the rear seat behind driver. A usual rule-of-thumb is have battery size = to 25% of inverter capacity. Thus for a heavily used 1000 watt inverter, you theoretically want a 250 ahr battery - way too big for a car! Therefore your inverter won't go full-tilt for too long on a 100 ahr battery - but, life is a compromise!
While I was at it, I also installed a couple 12v outlets back there. When off roading, or even on a long trip, we put the driver's side rear seat down, and put a cooler on top of it. I usually just plug a regular surge supressor power strip into one of the inverter outlets for phone, camera, sat phone, drill moter, etc. chargers
Then, I ran 12v power up along the console to under the dash, to a 15amp fuse, and connected to the VHF radio and another 12v outlet, which I use day-to-day for my cell phone or for GPS when off road. Radio is only 12amps on transmit and big-screen GPS probably +/- 1 amp - so no problem.
Hope this gives you some ideas.
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