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0BlackTaco6 12-01-2010 02:09 AM

Grille screw ?sleeves?
Hey all. Wondering if anyone knows the part number or where to find the little white plastic pieces (for lack of better description) that the 2 screws for the grill screw into. In the rad support I believe it is where the grill actually screws onto, the holes that the screws are in have a white plastic sleeve that is threaded clipped into the holes on the rad support. For some reason my screws from the grill got rusted and the plastic peices broke apart when unscrewing. I know I could just go to the stealership and ask but I avoid the stealership at all cost if possible. I wasnt sure if anyone knew of a part number or a site that has a breakdown of misc hardware for our trucks. Thanks for any info, otherwise ill just suck it up and go talk to the shmoes at my local dealer.

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