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stinger86 04-16-2007 01:54 PM

Shell for 06 Taco
Hey All,

So just went to the dealer and am pretty much still in the negotiating phase :cool: but its looking promosing. Now i'm not getting the truck as cheap as I was initially hoping for so I'm trying to figure out how much all the mods that I plan on doing up front are all gonna cost. The stereo I have figured out but I need help with a shell. I would go for like a undercover cover but I haul my triathlon bike around and letting 3-4 grand sit around unlocked just doesn't sit very well with me so need to go with a full shell. It does need to be pretty water tight, and all the weight it would ever need to support up top is how ever much snow could fit up there if it somehow got left in the snow. The only big thing is I'd very very very much prefer no drilling to install this it. Other then that no major constraints, i tried searching but to no avail. Thanks guys, and hopefully new taco pics sometime soon:D

edit: oh yeah its a access cab with a normal bed

spp 04-16-2007 02:01 PM

I had a Snug top Hi liner on my '95 and '99 Tacoma and now have an ARE MX on my '07. Wanted to get a cab hi but it was not tall enough inside for my bikes to fit with the front wheel off. I'm 6' and need 38" minimum to clear the seat. Higher door makes it easier to get our tandem in also. Cab-hi just looks cooler.

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