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JLink 12-31-2010 05:17 PM

Idea for hybrid steel tube/steel plate bumper
Hey everyone!
I love the look of the Relentless Fab steel plate bumper, and after reading through Relentlesstaco's build for a while and seeing some of his bumper in fabrication, I decided to see what I could come up with. I have no welding experience so dont plan on seeing one of these on my truck anytime soon, but heres my idea. I'm no artist so dont bother wasting your time commenting on the shoddiness of my sketch.


It has steel tubing for the hoop which continues down to form the basic lines of the bumper, then two more pieces of steel tubing welded to the bottom ends of the hoop to cut back into where the skid plate would be. Then steel plate to fill in the rest. Recessed fogs on the outsides, recessed driving lights in the middle, hole for winch cable to come through, 2 shackle points, 3 hi lift jacking points.

Just an idea.. if anyone out there likes it and can figure out how to build one, i'll buy one, otherwise maybe someday when I learn how to weld and have a garage to work in, I'll start up "Jerzeyz Finest Fabrication"
... might need to do some more work on the name too...

Cortland 01-01-2011 04:57 PM


RelentlessTaco 01-01-2011 07:08 PM

I'll be building a hybrid version of my bumper real soon... a member already has the first of them ordered. :)

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