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Glamis 01-13-2011 07:00 AM

Firestone ride rite Air loss
I have my 08 DC LB TRD with the Firestone ride rite. I'm loosing air over about a month or two. Not flat just about 3 of the 6psi I try to keep in when I'm not towing. Firestone has told me that is normal.

Here is the real problem.. When I'm towing my trailer I loose a lot of air over the weekend road trips. I tow with 12psi in my air bags. When I get home I have 6psi in one side and about 8psi in one. I know there is a leek some where. I have looked for leeks with the window cleaner and soapy water. I have found nothing. Dose any one have some Ideas???? Y so fast when loaded or towing and keeping air when not towing.

On my Dad's 2500HD we had a bad bag and it was relay EZ to find this leek, was at the base of the bag. It lose air over time with this set, but not this fast when Towing. This set has 50k on them and working grate.

sam_i02 01-14-2011 12:56 PM

brian -
i have the same firestone set up and over a month lose air just like you do. I normally keep it at about 10 psi (have some sand bags in the bed for snow-traction) and top it off once a month or so.

Losing air quickly while towing is an issue. One thing that i learned over time is that the volume of air in the airbags is so small that it is easy to lose air while simply checking air pressure. Could this be your issue? The way I get around this is over-inflate the bags say to 20 psi and then put the tire gauge on it and bleed it down to the pressure (10 psi in my case).

If this is not the case then it is a leak. I have my bags independent of each other, so there are just 2 fittings to check per side (one at the elbow at top of the airbag and the second where the schrader/fill valve is). If not the fittings, then unfortunately it is leaking at the bag.....
Let us know what you find!

Glamis 01-14-2011 02:52 PM

I have my bags independent of each other same as you.
I do the over fill thing and also have a low Pressure gage to check my bags. The schraders and fittings all pass. I can not find a leek in the bags or the lines. I'm thinking of getting braided lines made from "The house man" or the air pump set up some day.

Just seems odd that only when I'm towing or hulling do I lose air so fast. No in one day but over three days. So I have been checking them before I leave town and before I head home. It is just one more thing to think of on Sundays when I brake camp.

I'm towing a box trailer 3,100 fully loaded.

On my dad's 2500HD with an 11,000 trailer it dose not lose air over a weekend of towing. Over a month or so nontowing low Pressure yes . He has independent bags also.

For now ill just keep filling them.

Fortech 01-14-2011 02:54 PM

What air pressure was in the bags when you checked them with the soapy water mixture?

Glamis 01-15-2011 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by Fortech (Post 2604286)
What air pressure was in the bags when you checked them with the soapy water mixture?

I had 50PSI in the the bags with my quad in the bed with the wheels off to see better. That is how I found the bad bag on the 2500HD.
I would like to get it on a lift some where just for another look.

Both bags lose air at a similar rate when towing. I'm also not going in the mountains. Anaheim to Glamis and back is mostly where I tow to. With no off roading well just to wash 15 down a dirt road.

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