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mb09 04-30-2011 08:52 AM

New noise in steering after accident repair.
So my 2007 DC LB got smacked in driverside front wheel/fender by girl illegally turning left while I was making a left turn. She took out the fender, rim, top a-arm, headlight and steering rack. After some "work" with the collision center to get things "right" again or at least as close as they will ever be, again) I find that I have an odd sound coming from the passenger-side front of the engine compartment.

After I start the truck and when it is initially moved (within the first few seconds/minute) and i am turning, I can hear a low groan. It is sounds similar to a tire rubbing an a-arm/frame but softer and more quiet. It is not constant, maybe happens one or two times, then I can't hear it for the remainder of drive. Could it be a flow issue with new rack? The steering is a bit funky- at times seems overboosted and pulling. THis could be a bad alignment I suppose, making tires track on imperfections and trenches in road (I70 thru the Mountains of CO took a hard hit this winter, nevermind our failing infrastructure).

Any thoughts? Thanks

BFA 04-30-2011 09:05 AM

yeah jsut keep taking it back till its right, unfortunately that means more time till you get your truck back but it will be worth it once they finally figure out all the kinks

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