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Bighit 10-28-2008 08:59 AM

Flowmaster Super 40 and Warranty
Super 40, or Delta Flow 40, which would you recommend, and will this mod void the warranty or mess up my lease?
I am currently leasing my 08 Double Cab TRD, but I plan on buying it. I am in the process of doing several mods but I don't want to void the warranty just in case something comes up.
I have been told by the dealer that they are cool with most mods especially if they are considered upgrades. I am currently planning a 3" Tuff Country leveling kit and will eventually go to 9 x17 XD Revolver wheels with some 275/70/17 mud tires, and a Flowmaster. Finally, I am looking into the blacked out Halo headlights.

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