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Aw9d 11-21-2011 04:13 PM

Torque software/OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner
I got one of these http://www.amazon.com/Soliport-Bluet...1916533&sr=8-1

and downloaded Torque off of the Android App market.

So far its pretty freakin' sweet. I've been running it for a week to see how accurate it is and how well it adds up gas usage. It has features like current mpg, throttle position, pitch/roll meters, gps data, logs where you went and how you drove to figure out driving habits, and can read about every sensor that you available in your truck/car etc..

So far for MPG its only off by about 1 gallon from my math, vs the software's read outs. My math is spotty so it could be right on, either way close enough. I ran 2 tanks from topped off to almost having to push it into the gas stations, and so far 1 mile off each time which isn't bad.

I took my truck to my mechanic who has hooked up my truck to his machine, took readings, then we tested my obd2 scanner to see what my 20$ scanner is getting vs. his $$$$$ machine. They are very close, most of the time the OBD2 adapter is normally less than what it's really reading but not by a lot. Depends, Air/fuel was spot on with his systems, but Cat/O2 temp was off by about 5-10 degrees. It got better as the truck warmed up more. I've heard that better quality bluetooth scanners do not have any issues with readings.

So if your a gadget freak like me, the paid version of this app is totally worth it. It has a lot of features, very easy to customize. I got the scanner for 22$ and the app was 5$. Loving every minute of it, still a lot more to figure out with it too.

toendanger 12-01-2014 01:50 PM

Heh yeah just got this myself. Supposed to get a refurb tablet in the mail any time. I'm anxiously awaiting the mail lady right now so I can set it all up on the tab. Been playing around with it on my phone. Needs a few adjustments in the app. Still trying to figure that stuff out. Seems my mpg is way off. Adjusting the speed modifier soon as I'm running larger tires. Did even really know how far off it was. Times I'm thinking I'm only doing 10 over I've been doing 15 over. Heh. I'll post some pics when I get the tablet in:D

In the meantime check out this thread;)

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