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upnthebid 05-28-2012 08:55 AM

Factory Seats ?
According to the 2012 Toyota Brochure Information, the seats on the SR5, Off-Road, and Sport are defined as;

Sport fabric-trimmed front seats; 4-way adjustable driverís seat with power lumbar support; 4-way adjustable front passenger seat (with fold-flat capability on Double Cab)

The differences are;

A. SR5 fabric-trimmed seating surfaces (SR5), or;
B. Sport Water-Resistant Seats-trimmed front seats (Off Road - Sport)


A. Are the Front Seat Structure/Frame the same in the SR5, Off-Road, and Sport with the only difference being the Fabric Trim?

B. Are the Rear Seats in all (SR5, Off-Road, Sport) the same Structure/Frame and Fabric?

I have read many posts here about the seats but everyone has a bias toward their own so I have been unable to deduct the facts about the seats.

Any help is appreciated.

novataco 05-28-2012 01:05 PM

Thinking back to 2006, the TRD models had structurally better seats than SR5, but the fabric on them was a little different. Not sure about today.

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