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tuftoy97 12-07-2012 06:52 PM

CG ccfl halos?
Hey guys im looking to get new headlights. I have stock headlights now with the Bhlm and 8000k hids. I want to change the look and i love the look of halos. i also know your not supposed to use hids with the stock housing so thats why im loooking into halos. i got a few questions tho, itd be awesome if i could get some feedback.
Does anyone have CG black ccfl halos? are they any good? looks? any condensation forming? easy to install?
and i was thinking on ordering them from carid.com. has anyone used this site? are they reliable ? also, is 350 a fair price
and could i use my 8000k hids in the new halo headlights? or would i have to buy a new set?

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