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LAoffroadin 12-29-2012 11:10 PM

For you 2012'ers out there...
So I have a walker Evans coilovers with res. In The front and ome Dakar leaf pack with ome shocks in the back... Never noticed a problem until recently... I started noticing a slight vibration in the rear from 0-20mph so I brought it in. Learned some info you guys should or probably already know...

The 2012 trd offroad models come with the shaft (pinion??) angle already maxed out.. So any sort of lift (including the factory rear leaf tsb) will change the angle even more making it worse... Recommendations... If you get a lift (mine Is a 4") you need to bring your tacos to a 4x4 shop and have them adjust your rear axle.. Bare mind. This will still put a awkward angle on the shaft where it connects to the transfer case.. I don't know of any way to fix this.. So thts where I stand... According to Toyota... This will not effect the joints harshly, however, over time as we all know they will wear. Just keep an eye on them and do your regular maintenance... Questions on the FULL process forgave your shaft angles inspected.. Pm me..

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