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Eman1234 02-11-2013 01:24 PM

New member taco help
Wats up guys I'm new member on here from wv. Got a question I need some input on. I got an 05 Tacoma with 64k on it 2 months ago. It's a 6 speed. Any way the throw out bearing went out and was chirping 2 weeks ago at 65k miles. I didn't buy it from a Toyota dealer and was upset,so I brought it in to the used car dealer i bought it from for them to check. They said they thought it was the t out bearing and would make a call fo see how they could fix it. They called me today and said to bring it in they ordered parts and were gonna drop the tranny and do clutch, bearing, and pilot. Now I asked him if it was stock bearing and told him from what I read it would happen again and that I'd like to order the urd steel repair kit solve that would make it last longer and the mechanic said no I'm pretty sure it's all better stuff than stock bearing and to not worry about it.
I'm bringing my truck in when the parts get in and was wondeing if I should order the urd kit myself or just let them do there thing? Thanks

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