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KJaikaran 02-17-2013 11:34 AM

Any alarm installers out there that can help me out ?
So i have done a few alarm installs in the past on my Civic's, but nothing like the Tacoma with bypass/remote start.

I got everything pretty much done thanks to other installs i have found on this forum, but i need some help with the tach wire, and remote start IMI, and IMO wire on the ECM.

So according to the research i have done the Tach wire is on the data link (OBD) plug and its supposed to be a black/white wire pin number 9.

My issue is that there is 3 black/white wires and not sure from what side i'm supposed to count the pins from. If i were to look at it from the back its 2 rows and if i start counting from the bottom right to the left then up one i count the #9 pin which is black/white, but i am not sure if that's the correct way in counting the pins.

Now for the IMO,and IMI wires i'm kind of confused on which connector it is that i'm supposed to be looking for the wires on. I know its behind the glove box on the wiring harness plugged into the ECU and its supposed to be pin 14 and 20, but on which connector.

I checked on the12volt.com and found a post where the guy pinpointed the connector, but his connections were plugged in differently. His taps to release the connection were on the right, where mines are on the left.

Some links i got my info from:




http://www.checkyourground.com/ (this site shows the connection, but the harness plugs look different)

Any help would be appreciated thanks

KJaikaran 02-17-2013 03:44 PM

Bump, anyone ?

KJaikaran 02-17-2013 07:20 PM

Figured out the IMO/IMI connections thanks to my URD MAF calibrator install sheet


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