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Johnsredline 03-29-2013 09:36 PM

exhaust question
I currently have flowmaster american thunder dual on my tacoma (not a true dual).... anyways, I hate it. It hits everything offroad, the driver side hanger absolutley sucks, the rubber mount on that side rubs the leaf spring etc.. had to have a hangar custom made for the driver side because it would fall out of hangar offroad....All around just a shitty design.

So my plan is to get a flowmaster 40. But my question is, do any of you know if I can just get rid of my driver side exhaust from the american thunder kit and just replace the muffler, and keep the passenger side output from the american thunder?

Im not sure if the muffler output on the 40 series will match up with the american thunders passenger side output.

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