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Poseidon 04-15-2013 05:34 PM

First trail ride today!
Today it was too beautiful not to be outside, so the wifey and I decided to hit some of the backroads and enjoy the outdoors. :D We went down an old closed down road that was full of mud holes and rocks, but at the end, it dead ended into the lake. It was truly a wonderful day for a ride.

The wife by the lake ( dont tell her I posted this :spy:)


quick pic of poseidon looking sexy as usual :cool:


Had to test the flex! First time in this truck, so I had to see what it could do.


We ended up finding a recent logging site that was full of rough, steep hills, creeks, and rocks. Had a blast!! I was really impressed with the truck. It tackled everything like a seasoned pro. :cool: :yay:

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