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1 bad tacoma 03-15-2009 08:48 PM

clutch problems
ok guys i got a problem i put a brand new clutch in my truck over the weekend because earlier doing the week the throw out bearing was makeing a rattling noise so i got a new on along with the clutch disk and pressure plate and i refaced the fly wheel but when i got done the noise hasn't gone away. i'm confused unless i got a bad bearing. here is what its doing when you go 1st gear through 4th gear the rattling noise is there but goes away in 5th and 6th gear. when you are sitting still with the clutch pedal pushed in the noise ain't there but as soon as you let the pedal out you can hear the rattling noise. any ideas on what my problem is

SnoBoarder 03-16-2009 06:06 PM


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