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FL4x4Taco 06-14-2009 07:39 PM

Lower Grille Bug Screen Ideas
Ok, I need some idea guys. I am running a cusom Fia bug screen on the grille of my taco, and it's doing a great job of keeping bugs out of the cooling system fins. Problem is the lower opening in the bumper. Wide open down there and it's wrecking the condensor/radiator fins with bugs and stones from hwy use. dimensions of the opening that need covered 29.5" x 3.25". Yes I can rig some screen up, but I'd like something less rigged.... more like the Fia screen on the grille, but they don't make them for the lower portion of the tacos. :mad: Need some ideas guys. thanks.

One thing I've been thinking is those "billet" grille inserts or whatever. I've never handled one before, but I've seen a lot of tacos running them on the lower grille opening. Might be able to put some screen on the backside of that thing. Get one in blk, done. ?? maybe?

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