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crestlinerguy 07-12-2009 02:32 PM

fiberglass caps
Im a rookie here, what an awesome site!
Hoping someone can shed light on a cap question. I have an 09 double cab with plastic bedliner over the rails. Would like to add a fiberglass cap.
Leer dealers telling me I must have a new one in order to fit. At $1200 to start that would have to wait. I have found several used in great shape at $3 to 400. Do they sell clamps and gasket to make the used work?
Appreciate any thoughts.
Cab confused:confused:

cheeseytaco 07-12-2009 02:51 PM

you should do a search through the forums, there is a lot of info and pics about the different caps folks have on here, although the top 3 seem to be leer, snugtop, and ARE. the toppers that are made for the newer tacomas utilize the bed rail system, makes it a bit difficult to get a good seal and tight connection to the bed if you try to use a topper that isn't specifically for our trucks. i had thought about trying to use a shell off of craigslist, as the cost was so much lower, but getting it to fit properly would have been a huge pain in the arse. so i waited and saved and bought a used one that still cost much more than i wanted to pay, but it fits my truck well (i have an ARE shell). hope that helps a little, but you should try a search here. good luck!

gavonder 07-12-2009 03:55 PM

I just looked at my cap, it is a Leer. It doesn't look like it is made different than older caps; it is just mounted different. The older ones ( I had a '99 with a Leer cap) mounted with clamps going under the bed rail. The new ones use a bolt through the fiberglass of the cap to a mount on the bed rail system. I have a photo of it in my pictures.

The older caps may no be the right size, though, I don't know. That is probably why they are telling you you need a new cap.......or they just want your money!

You can buy clamps and gasket material.


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