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akwagon 09-09-2009 02:26 PM

Lift Kit plans.... Need advice
So made a few mistakes ordering this stuff.... Should of gone with the 5100 up front.. But doing the Eibach front coils 1.6" lift and have rear TSB. Was wondering if I could combine the Eibach coils and a 1/2" poly spacer for the front to give me a little over 2" up front? I was looking since I have the rear TSB done, was thinking of small 1" rear block for the rear to level it out (I will have a 150 pound shell on the back of the truck).
Will the Eibach and 1/2" spacer work up front? (the spacer is a preload spacer and not one the sits on top of the strut)
Small 1" block in rear bad idea??? Would I need diff. rear shocks?

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