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Osiris117 05-31-2008 07:23 AM

Running a 4gauge Amp Kit in a 2nd Gen Taco
Hey Guys,

This is a reply to an earlier post of mine. I was having some trouble running my Amp kit in my 2008 Taco, however last night I had a few revelations.

First, there is a large rubber gromet on the driver-side of the firewall where the wiring harness from the underhood fusebox runs inside the truck, on the bottom side of this is a small nipple:D. This is for running wires for various other goodies, clip the end off and with a friend, a piece of wire and a healthy dose of dish soap you should be able to get ur 4ga wire through it with out a problem.

Second, there are several places to ground your kit, but the best place is a small bolt located under the rear storage area under the rear seat, remove this plastic tub abd look right next to the lock bar for the passenger-side rear seat, it holds a bracket for the seat frame it should be a small silver 11mm bolt, remove this ground your kit to this, the drill a small hole in the black pastic cover to run your ground to your amp, look for pictures later.

Hope that this hels anyone that needed help.

- Matt (Osiris117)

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