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litegide24 04-29-2011 10:00 PM

Need fog light wiring harness part number
Fog Light parts and wiring, need oem part numbers and prices?
Purchasing a 2011 Prerunner SR double cab (w/the 2.7 4 cyl) and want to install fog lights. This vehicle will have no wiring harness since it's the 4 cylinder. Was wondering if anyone can confirm some part numbers.

Actually already have the lamps but going to try and find a seller who has majority of remaining parts I need. The search would be much easier if knew the part numbers for each.
  1. Fog Light: I already have these (from a 2010 sport) 81210-AA030
  2. Factory switch 84160-04010
  3. Factory plug and connectors for above switch - part number???
  4. Factory wiring harness - part number???
  5. Factory Relay - 90080-87010
I believe that's everything. I am not sure but think the part numbers for the lights, switch and relay are what I wrote above but not sure. The thing that has me most puzzled is the factory wiring harness, have not seen any oem harness posts. I have seen allot of writeups about the ebay kits (but no harnesses sold seperately). In addition heard wiring harness wiring wasn't long enough to reach the bumper lights...

If anybody had part numbers and price for recent availability thay would be awesome. Or if you just knew about the wiring harness would be much appreciated.


treadway47025 12-14-2011 03:48 PM

i dont think you can get the wiring seperate

Pugga 12-14-2011 04:01 PM

All you need for a factory looking install is the OEM switch and OEM fog lights. The rest can be done with a simple automotive relay, an in-line fuse and the plug for the bulb from an auto parts store and conventional wiring (12 or 14 ga.). You can wire directly to the OEM switch, you do not need the wiring harness or the OEM relay.

Tunngavik 12-16-2011 07:01 AM

I agree - there is no factory fog ligh harness. I did some research years ago and basically the harness that comes with the 6 cyl's is integrated with other wiring.

I just bought a harness off ebay which included the OEM lights (DEPO brand) and the relay. I then bought the factory switch for the OEM look.

Works and looks just like stock.

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