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JHarrisTaco15 03-22-2013 05:18 PM

Gas Mileage
What kind of gas mileage are you all getting out of your tacoma's? I have a 2003 extended cab 2.7L 5speed and getting 18-21 mpg's. Im wondering if this is normal or should i be getting more then that.

Tacoyota 03-22-2013 09:41 PM

thats normal. more mpg is attainable, but it's more of an exersize and choice if you want it.

Rackster 03-23-2013 06:58 AM

Hello Jordan...welcome to the mix here!

I agree - your numbers are about right for 'normal' driving. As noted above, driving style has a significant impact on your MPGs. I think the numbers you are seeing are relatively normal for the average driver not necessarily concerned with fuel economy but not necessarily gunning it at the light and jamming the brakes later at the next one.

If interested, do an Advanced Search here under the Search tool in the bar above to find threads discussing this subject. There are many. Also if your so inclined, visit CleanMPG.com and read up on driving tips that can earn you more MPGs. As you'll see here, folks with the 5 luggers are posting some very impressive numbers, enough to make the average person take notice. Also, some nice numbers coming from the 4x4 owners, even some folks who have modded their vehicles. It's all relative: how am I doing today relative to yesterday? And tomorrow?

Folks here can really set the bar high, but given anyones configuration, the bar can be set by you in tyring to best-your-best if that's what you are aiming to do. Kind of fun for me with my 35 mile commute into and from work. Right now I'm getting 22-23 on the ride in and around 23-24 on the ride home. 70 miles of driving, 60% on back, hilly roads with as many as 19 stops along the way. I leave very early for work, so I reduce the stops to 10 or less and with lighter traffic, I can drive the speedlimit +3-5 (average about 54 MPH for the round trip). Temperature also has a lot to do with your MPGs and for some parts in the country, the winterblended fuel. So best MPGs will come in the summer months.

But as folks will post - it's a truck and not a Civic. That said, even Civic drivers would acknowledge Tacoma MPG numbers in the mid 20s is pretty respectable.

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