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emt49126 04-05-2013 03:30 PM

Popping noise when slowing down
I have 08 Tacoma 2.7 liters. Two wheel drive. I have a popping noise while slowing down. The noise is coming from the driver's side front. I know that they brakes are still good. The dealer said that they were still in the green about a month ago. Any ideas please?

Rackster 04-06-2013 05:23 AM

Is the sound like a small clunk/click kind of like a small stone being thrown up from the road to the underside? Does the sound only happen when coming to stop, for a stop sign, light, etc?

I heard this noise and like you, had relatively new brakes. After doing an advanced search here, I concluded that the noise was 'normal' to the Tacoma. Plenty of folks have experienced the sound and account it to the brake design.

Read a few of the posts and see if this describes your sound. It might be just one of the Tacoma quirks.

RandomHero01 04-06-2013 09:35 AM

Transmission Mounts
A buddy of mine had a "clunk" sound that would happen when coming to a stop and it turned out to be a missing transmission mount bolt. He had an automatic, so that may change things, but it might be worth getting under there to count yours anyway...

Good luck,


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