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Au1946 04-11-2013 12:26 PM

Inquiring Minds Want to Know
I am going to buy 2013 Access cab 2WD SR5 Reg bed Taco in Silver Mica the only mods that I will be adding at this time are AL wheels and full cap. I am not sure of the engine size or tans.I am leaning towards a 4 cyl because of gas milage.
and it has sufficient power for my needs. The only Problem I Have with the 4 cyl is the 4 speed automatic. Is it a good trans .? Is it a Good match for the Engine.? Does it shift smoothly. How is the 4 cyl 4spd on the highway and going up long grades.? and merging into traffic?. You see I have a lot of Questions. I know you will tell me to take one for a ride to find out for myself . The only reason I haven't done this is because I cannot find dealer around here that has
one on his lot. The dealers seem to carry only V6 4x4s or base Std trucks. So I
will have order one. So I have come to you good folks in hope of getting some answer"s to my questions so that I can buy my New Taco.

TIA and Keep on Truckin

2TRunner 04-13-2013 02:21 AM

Put 70K+ on my A340E (I think thats the 05+ 4 spd auto trans code) and all is well.

Has a pretty smooth shift for a truck. All I can say here, you'll notice the shifts more from the tach.

It's decent on the highway. Can't really put much stock into what I say here as I'm running on 30's and stock gears so it's slugged the truck up a bit. Especially as it relates to hills. With the stock tires...it's nothing impressive, but it's enough to notice that there is a little pep in the truck.

Merging ain't about the vehicle, it's about the driver(s). Even on the 30's I can merge into highway traffic from almost a stand still and I not shoot the RPMs through the roof doing it. I'm not a speed demon so I'm usually hanging out in the far right lane anyways.

Don't be put off by "only" 4 speeds. Less moving parts, less things that can go wrong. "Look at my new 8sp auto tranny", good for you, look at all those parts that have the potential to fail.

It will drive you nuts in the winter. That trans does not like to shift until it's reached 130 degrees. Kills your gas mileage.

Hope it helps.

And don't kid yourself. Your getting a Taco. You're on TW. The mod bug will hit you. I was never going to lift my truck....picking up coilovers and UCAs this weekened. Safeguard your wallet.

Oh shit, didn't notice you're in Ohio. Where abouts good sir? I'm in Columbus, got a couple other TWers from cbus around here as well.

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