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ryansummit 04-03-2012 06:43 AM

stolen wiper arm
hey guys
im usually in the 2nd gen tacoma area,but unfortunate events have led me to have to ask you fellers a question
my gf's mother went away for a week and parked her 2010 4runner in stewart airport,in newburgh, ny, parking lot. she just realized(couple weeks later) that her rear window wiper arm is gone. i haven't been over to look at it yet, but she says it looks like it was methodically removed, as oppose to ripped off or fallen off.

was seein if anyone has any info about replacing it, cost, any ideas why someone would steal it, etc
its pretty shitty if somewhere theres a person whos ok with installing a stolen rear window wiper arm onto their truck. who uses those things anyway?
but the old lady just got this truck a few months ago and shes all bent out of shape about it. im sure the dealer would destroy her(?)so im gonna replace it for her.
Any info would be appreciated,and ill post some pics when i get over there
btw, i talked her into getting the 4runner because im so infatuated with my tacoma and if i ever had the extra loot for a second car it would be one
its an effin sweet ride

ryansummit 04-06-2012 08:40 AM

fixed thanks

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