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cam97 10-11-2012 05:30 AM

97 4runner 3.4 DOHC head bolt torque
Hey everyone I am a newbie and happy to be a part of this. I have a question about my 97 4runner that maybe you could help me with. I'm replacing head gaskets on my 3.4 engine and am confused on the torque specs. I do not have steel replacement head gaskets, just regular ones. Felpro said to torque their head gaskets to 25ft. lbs in sequence then an additional 90 degrees in sequence then another 90 degrees. The problem is I don't have Felpro but wondering if it's the same for other gaskets.I have all new bolts but afraid to continue with out being sure.This is my first time replacing head gaskets and very nervous looking at the pile of stuff that came off this engine :) any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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