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Cameronswmp9 10-18-2012 07:22 PM

New Guy, New 4Runner, mild build advice please

Just got this on Sunday, 2002 4x4 SR5, with the 3.4. 118K on the clock. Bought it from Carmax so I know they went through it well, new valve cover gaskets, tires, and little odds and ends. Auto, in great shape. I do have one of the tires that keeps going flat, have a new valve stem but its still going low, going to a shop to get a better look at it (I think its a small nail/tack that I just cant see, but its no biggy to me really, I love this truck!)

I do want to do a few things to make it mine. Some tint, a small stereo system (I have subs and an amp sitting here, I need to put them to use!) small lift to clear a 285/70R17. This is a family ride, so I dont want to go too big, but I think going up to the 285 will give me the look I want and still work great with the family. So I am looking at a 2 inch increase in tire size, so maybe a 2-3 inch lift, really just enough to clear. Does that sound right? I am thinking of putting on some Ultra Bolts in the 17 inch flavor, with a Firestone Destination AT, at least thats the plan for now. It has new tires on it now, and I didnt have to pay for them, so I am going to run them down lol.

I do want to, before I get into the bigger modifications, do a tune up with new plugs, wires, probably some seafoam or something like that, just to make sure all is good and can get the best fuel economy I can, I know its not a Prius or anything, but a little help at the pumps never hurts.

About me, since this is kinda an intro post deal, I am 26, recently married with 2 awesome stepsons, age 10 and almost 8. We are into boating, hockey (hopefully we can get some hockey this year.....) baseball, and all kinds of things really. I have been into cars my whole life, even built a crawler a few years ago before I sold it for my boat. Had all kinds of trucks, recently sold my Cummins dually for this, and this is a little change of pace sizewise comparably. I have worked in a shop for 7 years, and now into a parts store so still working with cars, just not on them except as a hobby.

Thanks for the advice, and I am wanting to get cracking on building this thing!!

Cameronswmp9 10-21-2012 01:22 PM

The Ultra Bolts, undecided on the setup colorwise. I know I have some time, but I like to get the whole shopping list set up and ready.

My options are as follows:

They make them in all black, but I do want a little contrast in there with the polish look. Whatcha think TW?

Also, what is the consensus on the size of lift for the tires? They come out to be a true 32, so maybe a lift for a 33x12.50ish? Does that sound about right??

Thanks TW!!

Delmarva 10-21-2012 01:24 PM

t4r.org may be a better resource for 4runner things.... :o

Wishbone Runner 10-25-2012 07:24 PM

I'll play. A 3"'lift you will be able to fit 285s with some trimming, possibly body mount chop required, which are just under 33, not a 32. As far as which lift, depends on your budget. OME offers an affordable lift, but rides a bit rough (I have been running this for 3 year and Wilbur upgrading soon), Fox, King, Icon are top tier, and Billstein is somewhere in the middle depending on which model.

265s are a 31.8 and will get better mileage, thatis what i am currently running, the Hankook RF10s are a great tire for wear, toughness, on and off road performance, and great in the snow. So, keep the questions coming, t4r is a good site, but has quite a few people asking the same questions over and over, toyota120 is an awesome 4R site with a focus on offroad performance, lots of knowledgeable guys there.

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